Finally!  After a great deal of effort and collaboration with members of the team, we’re proud to release 2.0.  We’ve got a lot planned for this new site as well as a bunch of new sites that we’ll introduce very soon.  But for now, let’s talk a bit about

Originally, we created this site to help friends and family find good deals online.  As time passed, it became clear that sending customized links for each deal request became too time consuming, and often multiple people would ask for the same kind of deal.  The concept for 2.0 was born.  We found that the primary reasons people visit our site were to browse and contribute deals.  The new site is built entirely around that concept.  Now, our team posts deals as soon as we find them in the Hot Deals forum.  Ridiculous deals will end up on the home page right away, while less popular deals will have to work their way on through popularity.  We won’t allow paid placement for deals on the front page, nor will we limit the deals that do appear.  Enjoy browsing our deals and sign up for an account to post in our forums today!

As for me, well I’m no dot com mogul, but I’ve worked in the software industry for the last 16 years, and in 2000 I founded ITechConnect, a web development and IT consulting firm.  My hobbies include finding deals (of course), writing software, playing the piano and guitar, and exploring the world (although I haven’t made it very far out of the US yet).