iPad SpringboardHD Video? Check! Wait, better than HD Video? Yes, the ‘New iPad’ actually does do better than current high definition standards (currently 1920×1080 pixels) with a 2048×1536 pixel display utilizing 264 pixels per inch (ppi). That’s close to what the 326 ppi that the iPhone 4/4s offers, and double the 132 ppi from the previous generation iPads. What this means for the consumer is better quality videos, sharper, more vivid photos, and text reproduction better than standard print. Combine this with a better camera, quad-core graphics capability and 4G data transfer, and you’ve about wrapped up the new features of the iPad 3 (er, the new iPad, rather).

Current price points are the same as previous generation models, so there’s no 7″ model to compete with the Amazon Kindle, or any fire sale prices on the iPad 2 that would make you want to sell your HP TouchPad or BlackBerry PlayBook. iPad 2 is available at Apple.com for $399, and it won’t be long before Amazon discounts them as well. If you’ve got an iPad 2 you’re looking to sell, expect the used iPad 2 market to heat up on eBay over the next few weeks. Now is probably the best time to get a well-kept iPad 2 on eBay.

Expect a new round of apps designed to take advantage of this monster resolution. Built-in apps are updated to make managing information easier, including faster browsing in Safari, better readability in iBooks and Newsstand, and other updated core apps. Expect iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand tweaks to make them better tools. Overall, the new iPad should outsell the current model over the next year and the high resolution display will give competitors a specification they’ll need to monitor more closely in their future tablet designs.

The New iPad