Center Stage Rules and Code of Conduct

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Center Stage Rules and Code of Conduct

Postby scottsdeals » Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:57 am

What is Center Stage?
We created Center Stage to serve as a place for you to share your input regarding highly contested topics in an unbiased forum. We require a certain code of conduct in order to ensure fairness and accuracy thoughout.

Code of Conduct
Center Stage topics and corresponding posts should include facts to back up opinions. Although opinions may differ and facts may be controversial, we encourage debate on the topics in a well-formed manner. What we mean is posts should contain more than a few words and state more than opinion.

No name calling, no calling others out by name, and no posting of personal information of any kind. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. Be passionate about your opinion, not oppresive.

Members that add topics are expected to follow up. Don't post an opinion and run, stay and hold your ground! Members that continually post and run will be disallowed to post in the future.

Use common sense when posting photos, links and other media. Do not copy entire articles and repost them in your topic. You may use them as a reference, but make sure to form your own opinion and explain.

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