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Rules, FAQ, Guidelines & Policies

Postby scottsdeals » Fri Oct 15, 2010 1:59 am

ATTENTION: Make sure to search the forum before posting a deal. While we appreciate your effort to hunt down deals and post them here, we try to keep it as clean as possible, eliminating redundancy.

How do I go about posting a deal?
After you've tracked down a deal, try to put as much specific information as possible in the title, and follow up with additional detail, advice, experience, etc, in the post. Don't use ALL CAPS or ToGgLe CaPs otherwise we'll be forced to delete your post. An example of a well written title is:

Antec Mini P180 Tower Computer Case $67 shipped @

By listing the manufacturer (Antec), model # (Mini P180), category (Computer Case), price and store, users can easily search the forums and find this deal. This gives the deal a better chance of reaching the front page.

Where/how do I place the link to the deal?
It's best to simply copy and paste the link at the bottom of the post. That way it encourages other members to read your description of the deal, and makes it easier to find the deal link when posts are consistent. When listing multiple deals/links, try to keep each link underneath the description of the link.

How do I list rebates?
Make sure to list AR (after rebate) or the actual amount 'after MIR' (mail in rebate) in your title. (e.g. $30AR or $30 after $15MIR).

Why was my post deleted?
Posts are most often deleted because they are reposts. Please make sure to double check your deal is new by searching the forums for the model # of the product you're posting. Check with a moderator as to why your specific post was deleted.

What items are not allowed on is a family friendly site, so we positively cannot allow adult themed products or links of any kind. This includes videos, toys, books, etc. We are very strict on this policy, and we will ban users caught violating forum rules.

General Forum Guidelines
While we don't want to discourage friendly banter or even a valid, heated discussion, we do not tolerate flamewars of any type. Keep the conversation friendly - we're all fellow deal hunters so no need to fire off shots in any particular member's direction. Try to keep the arguments focused on the deal in question. If you think a deal sucks or you've seen a better deal around, tell us why it sucks and where you saw the deal!

Posting illegal activies or providing links related to such will result in a warning and possibly a full ban from our forums.

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